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Stuff that Only Creative People Understand

So you can test yourself here!

Research shows that people with creative imagination think and behave differently than the average person. Their brains are, literally, genetically hardwired. Yet, also, the gift will strain relationships.

If you love a highly creative person, you'll probably encounter moments when it seems they 're living in a whole different world than you are. The fact is, they are. Yet trying to modify them isn't as successful as trying to get them to understand.

So let's take a look on these stuff one by one:

They have an Unstoppable Mind

The imaginative mind is a machine driven by deep curiosity that never ceases. There is no pause button, so there is no way of shutting it down. This can often be overwhelming but is also the focus of some crazy enjoyable experiences and conversations.

They fail to remain on track.

Making big mental strides and beginning new projects energizes highly imaginative people. Established ventures can become bland slogans when the prospect of something new and exciting catches your attention.

They need ample area to create

No one is permitted to travel cross-country on a single gas take. In the same way, innovative people need to refresh their source of inspiration and drive regularly. That often needs isolation for periods of time.

They are constantly on an edge of Sadness and Depression

Because they feel intense, highly imaginative people are also able to turn easily from happiness to sorrow or even depression. Their fragile heart is also the root of their pain though it is the center of their creativity.

Every day, they fight the Resistance

Each morning, highly imaginative people rise, fully conscious of the need to develop and move themselves. But there's always the fear, as Steven Pressfield (Author of The War of Art) calls Resistance, that they don't have what it takes. The fear never goes away, no matter how effective the individual is. They either learn to handle it, or not.

They are finding it hard to believe in themselves

Even the creative person, seemingly self-assured, often wonders, Am I good enough? They are always contrasting their work with others and refusing to recognize their own genius, which should be evident to everyone.

Sometimes, they use procrastination as an instrument

Creative people are notorious procrastinators because many are under pressure doing their best work. They will subconsciously, and sometimes deliberately, postpone their research until the last minute simply to witness the challenge's rush.

They bridge dots better than others

True imagination is more than connecting the dots, Steve Jobs once said. It is seeing trends before it is obvious to anyone else.

They never grow up

Creatives long for looking from a child's eyes and never lose any sense of wonder. Life is about mystery, adventure and growing young to them. Everything else is pure life, and not real living.

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