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Characteristics of Creative People

Read this if you don't want to die as a normal guy

Creativity allows us to reach out our imagination, do new and exciting things, and participate in a way that takes us one step closer to reaching our full potential. So what exactly does one make a person creative? Have some people just been born that way, or is it a ability you can grow a lot like a muscle?

They Are More Active

The innovative people prefer to show commitment and doggedness while working on a project. They'll focus on something for hours, sometimes staying up late into the night until they're satisfied with their work. Think what you'd think when you come across someone who's an artist.

They are Popular still Respectful

Highly creative people appear to be proud of their successes and achievements, but they are still aware of their position. They have tremendous respect for others who work in their field and influence on their work from those previous innovations. We can see that their work is always impressive relative to that of others, but they're not based on that.

They are Joyous and Happy

Creative people tend to be more accessible and receptive, with features that can bring benefits as well as pains. The act of making something, developing new ideas and taking chances also exposes people to criticize and even ridicule them. Devoting years to something can be difficult, even devastating, just to find it dismissed, ignored or mocked.

They are Both Extrovert and Introvert

While we frequently fall into the pit of categorizing individuals as being either extroverted or introverted, creativity includes a mixture of these two forms of personality. The imaginative people are both extroverted and introverted, he says. Studies has shown that individuals appear to be either more extroverted or introverted, and they are surprisingly consistent in these characteristics.

Around the same time, imaginative people appear to display characteristics of both introversion and extraversion. They are sociable and quiet, both gregarious and reticent. Interacting with others will produce creativity and ideas, and retiring to a quiet place enables creative individuals to fully explore those creative sources.

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